Enriched: re-defining wealth by John Sikkema

Coaching and Consulting Services
John heads up Halftime Australia, which is a values based coaching and consulting service for business leaders and executives.  To learn more about services available such as Life Purpose Coaching, workshops and courses, visit


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The power of philanthropy

Philanthropy was once considered a noble endeavour for the rich. The social market has shifted; the new generation are expecting businesses and corporations to be socially responsible and engaged.

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First half success to second half significance

If you could commit the rest of your life to doing only one thing, what would that be? It’s worth finding out in order to move our focus from success to significance. Today we are living longer; we are the best educated, the healthiest generation in the history of the world. However…

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How to engage your team and lead with purpose

Gen X and Y are flexing their muscles as they increasingly move into leadership roles in the workplace and society. As the leadership style changes, we are seeing the rise of purpose-focused and purpose-inspired leaders. Staff are expecting to work in…

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The car crash and the recession we had to have

JOHN Sikkema was working 80 hours a week, was losing tens of thousands of dollars a month, and had two mortgages on his house. With a raft of maxed out credit cards and a family to support, the businessman was hitting burn out. Soon his health and relationships began...

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You May Need to Pay a Price

In my mid 30s I was on a commercial board when reality soon hit. I had to work along side board members who had sizeable equity holdings compared to mine and whilst they had some good skills and at times did contribute I found my vision and values were…

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Be prepared to do the things others are not

At age 23 I was in a class of 20 students training to become an insurance salesman. I was shocked at the end of the two-week induction course that there were only three of us left! The others didn’t leave because of poor sales or presentation skills or product...

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