John Sikkema | Speaker

John is a much sought-after and respected speaker and mentor for business leaders in Australia and overseas. He packs a powerful punch when addressing an audience and his energy and passion are both inspiring and uplifting.

Whether imparting astute business insights, or sharing his incredible personal journey, his authentic, disarming manner is what sets him apart from other speakers. As a recognised thought leader; in his keynotes, seminars and workshops, he not only shares his knowledge about how people can transform their lives and find greater meaning and purpose, but provides audiences with resources and tools to assist in this transformation. The topics of his talks and workshops are both relevant and thought-provoking and tailored to suit the audience.

A snap shot of John’s talks:

  • Finding Your Life’s Purpose
  • The Five Key Fundamentals for Transforming Your Business and Life
  • Achieve Your Dreams by Taking Control of Your Life
  • ENRICHED: How to be TRULY rich and successful
  • Thirteen Things That Changed My Life
  • The Power of Giving and the Impact of Philanthropy
  • Glimpses of an Enriched Life: Seven Things to consider
  • How To Make Your Second Half Better

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